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Ebert is an independent scholar, not supported by a university or other institution. He is cofounder and a regular contributor to and

His books include:

  • Twilight of the Clockwork God: Conversations on Science & Spirituality at the End of an Age
  • Celluloid Heroes & Mechanical Dragons: Film as the Mythology of Electronic Society
  • Dead Celebrities, Living Icons: Tragedy and Fame in the Age of the Multimedia Superstar
  • The New Media Invasion: Digital Technologies and the World They Unmake
  • The Age of Catastrophe: Disaster and Humanity in Modern Times

You can find his lectures online on YouTube.

Contributions in any amount are welcome.  $20 is recommended.

For donations via PayPal, please use his ID: “”

If you make a contribution of over $150, you may select any one of Ebert’s books and he will send you an autographed copy. Please email him at

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